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Ysu Programming professional web development

Ysu Programming now operates as SmarterSoft.

design for Ysu Programming web development

Our quality service

You have the idea - we have the means. Creating professional layouts, dynamic pages, optimized sites is not a problem.

You can expect the best from us when it comes to the important factors:

We provide a one step solution for you, from concept consultation, analysis, design and prototyping through development and testing to deployment, hosting, support and finally maintenance and enhancement.

We take the pain away from building your customised website, because we have the experience, the vision and the people to make it happen. At Ysu Programming, we know web development.


design for Ysu Programming web development

The chosen scripting language is the popular PHP running on very reliable Linux servers. This configuration gives you great benefits if you chose to migrate or upgrade your application. The code we produce — unless there are certain unique features requested — will run on windows-based servers too. PHP is one of the most widely-used scripting languages in today's web development. It's great flexibility and functionality provides an excellent base for reliable, easy-to-maintain applications.

We also offer professional database planning for you. For database we prefer to use MySQL for it's availability, reliability and scalability.

All this ensures a highly reliable and portable site basis. To top it off, we are creating applications where the reliablity and maintenance are always at highest priority.

We can build your application with the latest php5 object oriented method to ensure best upgradeability, or in php4 to retain maximum portability.


We can offer you tried hosting providers with US or local Australian servers, so the hosting will have the qualities you need.

Each of the selected ISPs we've used for hosting for at least a year now and we can safely say they give you hassle free, high quality service for a very competitive price.

design for Ysu Programming web development


Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose to use our contractor designer Toro, who has years of experience ranging from graphics design and dtp to web design and flash programming. All this for a very competitive price. See examples of designs we can provide.

If you prefer, we can get local artists to cater for your needs.

Alternatively we can work from given designs - to a level. Graphics designs are not always suitable for web as it is.

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Ysu Programming now operates as SmarterSoft.
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